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We know that all our clients are different and have unique requirements, which is why we have invested in the latest up-to-date demographic targeting software. Our bespoke mapping and demographic targeting software allows us to set up tailor-made leaflet distribution rounds specifically for your company and even each of your individual campaigns. It is sophisticated enough that it can select (or deselect) individual streets to be included in your round and calculates precisely the number of homes within the distribution area.

However, if you just want to cover a postcode area or town it can quickly map that for you too. We can then e-mail you a digital map showing the precise streets we intend to cover for you. It also gives us important demographic information from the latest census data. This helps us make sure we are targeting the right households for your business.  See our leaflet delivery coverage area

We know from the results of our customers that choosing the right area and demographic for your distribution can increase your response rate and reduce the wastage of your valuable leaflets versus blanket coverage of an area.  We also know that if you get a great response, you are more likely to use us again for your leaflet distribution campaigns.  That’s why we offer you a free one-to-one consultation to give you the opportunity to sit down with one of our marketing experts and discuss your campaign in detail from the leaflet design right through to the distribution period dates. You can find out more at our Marketing and Design Consultation page.

Let’s give you some examples of what we can do to help you target your GPS tracked leaflet distribution campaign according to your requirements:

1. Mary runs an exercise class at a venue in Maidenhead and wants to do a leaflet distribution campaign to target 5000 homes in the immediate surrounds of the venue. We take the postcode of the venue and plot a map to incorporate 5000 residential properties. We send the report to Mary who can check the route and decide if there are any areas within that map she wants to exclude. We replot the map and send her the new one for her to approve prior to the leaflet delivery in Maidenhead. (image)

2. Harry runs an interior design business offering a premium service and wants to promote his in-home design consultation with a leaflet distribution drop. His client base is mainly home owners and he has some affluent areas in mind that he would like to target. Along with our local knowledge, we will plot out some areas for Harry aiming to ensuring the areas on the report has a high percentage of home owners with minimal rented housing to avoid wastage of Harry’s leaflets. (image)

3. The local parish council would like a newsletter sent out to all of the homes within its parish boundary and wants to know how many leaflets to print for the leaflet delivery. The clerk provides us with a Google map with the boundary circled. We plot the route into our software and send the clerk a report showing the number of deliverable homes within his required area. (image)

Let us help you target your distribution.  Give us a call today and one of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.