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Our leaflet distribution company gives you some inside tips…

We at Abracadabra always think it’s remarkable how many people spend precious time and money putting their marketing material out without thinking about a strategy to make the marketing time-sensitive, forcing the prospect to make an immediate decision as to whether or not they are going to buy the product or service. The simple act of making marketing time-sensitive not only increases the response rate at the point of time that the marketing goes live but also can increase dramatically the response overall. There are many ways in which to make your marketing time sensitive- the most common being to consider what special offer you could give away to the customer which would be of significance to them but affordable for you without affecting your bottom line. Special offers don’t even need to be ‘money off’ – they can be promotions, such as free consumer information or guides, free consultations and guarantees.

It is worth bearing in mind that whilst money off / discounted offers will certainly catch peoples’ attention, it is crucial that they are not presented in a way which detracts the perceived value of your brand/ product/service…for example, 50% off offers are not always that believable in terms of the original value of the product/service and may lead the customer to distrust your marketing promotion.

Making any time-sensitive offer stand out in your marketing promotion is of course vitally important and the deadline by which people must respond needs to be prominent so as to act as an effective ‘call to action.’

Since the content of  your marketing material is so crucial, we at Abracadabra offer a FREE 1-1 marketing consultation so that we can truly understand your business’s marketing needs. We can then help you to consider what content might be most effective for your marketing, so that you can get the best response possible when using us as a leaflet distribution company. Many of our customers who have taken us up on this FREE marketing consultation have noticed a substantial improvement in their overall marketing response rates which has allowed them to significantly increase their overall bottom line!

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